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Ben Griffiths is a second generation flooring retailer. He grew up driving a fork lift and playing on the carpet rolls of his Dad's retail store: Brent's Fashion Floors. They were invited to join a buying group called Carpet One in the 90's. Family owned and operated in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1979, Brent's has maintained an impeccable reputation for quality, service, and integrity. They have won the "Best of" every year the readers choice awards have been run. With his considerable experience, and network of thousands of flooring professionals across the U.S., Ben can answer any question about design, color, style, preparation, installation, material, and quality.

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Q:  If I wanted carpet from a local company like yourself, but could get a better installation deal from a larger corporation like Lowes, would you match their pricing?

The short answer is “YES!”(and without the measuring fee).  The long answer is below.

1.       Carpet One is the largest specialty flooring retailer in the world.   We are a cooperative, not a franchise, which means that when you deal with us you are dealing with a local store owner who has access to nationally negotiated (Your words: “larger corporation”) pricing due to the buying group’s purchasing power.  Our nationally negotiated material costs are better than our competitors in most cases, provided we are comparing apples to apples.

2.       When you shop at Brent’s Carpet One you work with a sales staff that has decades of experience, supervised by Brent himself.  Our responsibility is to show you the products that fill your needs and expectations, as opposed to selling you something that may seem like a better deal in the short term but will not hold up over time in your home.  We are a local company, and when we see you at the neighborhood grocery store, or at a nearby restaurant, or even 10 years from now when you are ready to refresh your design, we want you to have loved our work.  We are so invested in this idea that many of our products come with the Beautiful Guarantee – A full replacement, satisfaction warrantee based on the simple idea of you loving your flooring.


3.       Our installers are thoroughly vetted prior to employment.  We do not employ anyone unless we have run background checks, investigated their contractor’s license status and history, used them on smaller jobs, and inspected their work to insure it is up to our standards.  This is a major  reason we have won the Signal’s “Best of” Reader’s Choice Award every year it has been run, we use and stand behind the best installers in the business, who have been with us on average nearly 10 years.


4.       Many things are not what they seem at Large Retail Chains, including price.  Get a bid for flooring from a “big box” and see if they really only charge you “free”, $39, or $99 for installation, or if the actual price is much higher.  Remember, what the big print giveth, the small print taketh away.  Bring in your printed bid and a sample of the flooring.  Unless they are selling the product as a loss leader (meaning that they make no profit on the product)  you have an excellent chance of getting a better deal on the same product, or a better education concerning what product you should really be buying.

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Section: Carpet
Q:  Hey Ben, I actually two questions if that's okay. First off, I've been blowing a lot of cash on gas money and I wondered if you have one of those magic carpets, like Aladdin, you know, because you're an expert. Also, are you single??? Warm wishes, Glen Dursling
A:  Glen, I like your style.  With the recent hike in gas prices our store feels your pain.

Brent's Carpet One can order rugs from most large manufacturers, so if you find the rug you love online from Dalyn, Nourison, Couristan, Karistan... we can get it for you!  Better yet, if you want a rug to protect your wood floors, we have a line of carpet with an impermeable backing to prevent water and other accidental spills from affecting your wood.  That carpet, and any other carpet in our showroom can be made into a custom sized area rug to your specifications.  These can be bound or serged, with the option to attach felt to the back too.  Hexagons, circles, runners or crazy shapes are all possible.

I have inquired with all of our manufacturers about the "Flying" rug option, and I have not found anyone that has flying rugs in stock.  They all seem to be unavailable or on indefinite back-order, so making our incredible rugs fly is up to you!

As to the single question, I am happily married for 16 years and raising the next generation of Brent's Carpet One owners.  This business has been in the family since 1979 under the same license, and I would be remiss if I didn't train all of my kids to take the helm and continue on the family tradition someday.

All the best,


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Section: Carpet
Q:  Is stainmaster carpet really worth the extra money?

Is stainmaster carpet really worth it?

Excellent question.  I am going to have to answer it in parts.  

The multiple things to keep in mind when buying carpet is to match the performance of the carpet to your needs.  For example, a family of 6 with 2 big dogs who install a fluffy polyester carpet on their stairs will be disappointed in a year when the carpet is smashed flat on the center of every step.  In a normal child's bedroom, that same carpet is adequate and will not show much wear and tear. (Warning, not all children are normal - mine found a way to open a paint can on the carpet.)

 You also have to buy carpet that fits your situation.  Carpet of any quality when installed in a rental property can be destroyed in mere months by a destructive tenant.  If you are planning to move in 5 years, you want a carpet that will still look good 5 years from now so you don't have to replace it in order to sell.  A beautiful carpet in a normal track home may not convey the elegance needed to fit a home is West Ridge.

 Stainmaster Carpet is a trusted innovator in fiber development, who has a habit of putting their money where their mouth is and standing behind their products.  I recently replaced the floors in a home of a family who told me the story of their Stainmaster carpet.  The husband helped his wife deliver her baby on the carpet in their master bedroom.  Under the Stainmaster warranty the resulting carpet damage was covered, and the carpet was replaced at Stainmaster's expense.

I highly doubt you would have the same experience with a no name generic brand carpet fiber.

At our store, we make sure we qualify our customers by finding out the general use(or abuse) of the flooring, as well as matching your expectations to the carpet.  We would not be doing you a service by selling you the cheapest floor just to spare your wallet - nor would we be doing you a service by selling you quality and warranties you don't need.  In this economy budget is always a concern, and we are happy to work within a budget to get our customers the best bang for their buck.  We make recommendations to get you the right carpet, and then leave the choice up to you.  



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Section: Carpet
Q:  If I buy stain resistant carpet, is a stain resistant carpet pad necessary?

There are a lot of features being sold with pad in our market oriented world.  The most important is that padding absorbs around 62% of the impact your foot makes when it comes down on the carpet.  Long pad life almost always translates into long carpet life.

Stain resistance is an interesting pad feature to contemplate.  Here are the features I am concerned about in padding.

1.  Feel.  You are going to be walking on this stuff day in and day out for the next 10 years.  Barefoot.

2.  Durability.  5-10 years from now I still want it to feel good. (that spongy feel is from the pad not the carpet.)

3.  Fungal resistance.  I don't want something growing where I can't water it on purpose.

4.  Stay Fresh/magic fresh.  This is a relatively new treatment available in the industry that neutralizes odors.

5.  Moisture barrier.  I don't like one.  Many homes in the SCV have a LOT of moisture vapor coming up off of the slab.  I don't want to trap that here.  I also don't like the idea of a small spill (2 inch spot) turning into a large issue (6 inch spot) because it spreads out on the moisture barrier just like it would if you spilled on your dining room table.

 6.  Recycled foam vs. Virgin materials.  While we support recycling, the idea of having someone's old couch foam under your carpet isn't very comfortable.  ReBonded carpet pads are used foams that have been chopped, sorted by quality and weight, and then re-used.  The bonding agent is prone to breakdown within a few years.


At Brent's Carpet One our "standard" pad is the best in the industry.  It is made from Prime Polyurethane Foam. It has an incredibly soft feel that is warranted to last for the life of the house.  Because we want you to love the feel AND the look of your carpet for longer.

 Data Sheet available here: 

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Section: Carpet
Q:  Is there a certain type of carpet you would recommend since we have a dog in the house?

The dog question is one that is revisited every time a family adds a furry friend!  While there are no perfect answers, Indoor Air Quality technology improvements in Carpet, Pad, and Installation can all contribute to give you the best chance to overcome the inevitable pet disasters.  The Healthier Living Installation combines a subfloor spray anti-microbial barrier to seal odors out of your living space while preventing any microbes from living there.  We install an antimicrobial pad that also has a technology called "Stay Fresh" which eliminates odors over time as well.  We are the only company that are Indoor Air & Surface Quality certified.  Back to your original question!  Once you have taken the precautions we have already discussed, you will want to choose a carpet that is higher quality, preferably made of Nylon or Triexta.  Most of the lower quality (lower priced) Carpets will be made of Polyester.  Once you have a good quality carpet over the right installation and padding, the next step is finding a great carpet cleaner because we all know that a clean carpet installation is where life begins.  When choosing a cleaner, don't forget that it isn't just the company you pick, it is the guy running the cleaning equipment.  If he is in a hurry and doesn't rinse out the soaps, they will attract dirt more quickly.  

 I hope this helped!!


Ben Griffiths

Brent's Carpet One 

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